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Sedation Dentistry uses different medicines to help patients relax during dental treatment.

There are three options for sedation dentistry.

1. The first is nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as “laughing gas.” It is administered through a nose piece and is used in combination with local anesthesia. The nitrous oxide takes only five minutes to enter and exit your system, therefore you do not need to have a driver.

2. Oral sedation is a deeper level of sedation. You are required to have a driver to and from your dental appointment. Oral sedation requires taking a pill the night before the appointment and another pill an hour before the appointment to relax.

3. I.V. sedation is classified as moderate conscience sedation. An I.V. catheter is inserted into your arm and sedation medication is administered through the flexible catheter. You still breathe on your own but will have amnesia from the procedure. It is commonly used for wisdom teeth extraction, when multiple teeth need worked on at one time or the patient’s anxiety level is very high.

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